Roof Terrace Decking Restoration

Roof Terrace Deck Restoration

Location: Fitzroy
Building Type: Residential
Date of Completion: 2020
Budget: $25’000


The job included the total replacement of a corroded and leaking roof terrace system.

Based on our assessment, we advised the client against an existing proposal suggesting a one-block system (cement sheets, waterproofing, tanking and tiles) because it is prone to failure. Furthermore, maintenance work would not be practical or durable. 

We recommended instead the installation of a controllable and maintainable system consisting of three independent elements:

  • a metal sheet roof
  • floating deck substructure
  • and decking

Our system ensures that the condition of each element is observable and can be maintained independently from each other. This way, we achieve durability of the repair work of more than 30 years.