Our Philosophy

We specialise in repairing, reviving and improving all elements of a building, from footings to roofs.

Our building principles and methods guarantee durable and easy-to-maintain results.

We do not believe in snake oil miracle materials and cures but in functional, thought-through, carefully executed repair and restoration work.

We follow the Generally Acknowledged Rules and Standards of Building Technology, which have passed the test of time and proven reliable and sustainable.

Our building principles are:

  • Achieve durable repair work.
  • Plan for and facilitate maintenance work, establishing durability of 30+ years.
  • Ensure that the condition of the repaired building elements is observable.

Our Services

We are a team of competent and experienced tradesmen.

  • We take pride in fine craftsmanship and cover a wide range of trade skills,
  • offer thought-out technical solutions and high-quality work for all your building needs,
  • develop durable and sustainable solutions
  • provide professional custom designs and project management,
  • pay attention to detail, work precisely and neatly.

Our services include:

  • Consulting & developing design solutions
  • Project management
  • Damage and building assessment
  • Carpentry and decking work
  • Bathroom and kitchen redesigns and renovations
  • Repairing and building doors and windows
  • Waterproofing and rectifying water leaks
  • Rendering, plastering, tiling and painting
  • Repairing and restoring furniture

Our Team

Thomas Schreier

Thomas is a building professional trained in Switzerland and Italy and with a Bachelor of Arts in Conservation and Restoration. His philosophy: Apply design and high-quality craftsmanship to increase the value of our customers’ investment.


Bel Reuschenbach

Bel takes care of our office and provides effective project management and administrative support. She is also responsible for marketing, accounting and business strategy.