Balcony Renovation and Waterproofing

Balcony and Window Renovation

Location: Lorne
Building Type: Residential
Date of Completion: 2015
Budget: $25,000

Our assessment of the significant water damage on the windows and doors of the first floor and the ground floor made it clear that water was running from the balcony into the window and door frames down along the wall. 

The entire waterproofing system for the balcony failed and had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Cracked tiles and poor waterproofing caused several leaks.


We removed the covering of the balcony and the windows and doors to access the substructure.

With one single sheet of flashing, we ensured the balcony was watertight. We then installed a floating decking structure to avoid puncturing the flashing and allow easy maintenance.

The windows and doors were carefully sanded and oiled.

The Schreier team was professional throughout the entire deck project and completed the job exactly as scheduled. They are experienced and skilled and we are very happy with the results.
Donald and Sarah