Lime Render Facade Restoration

Lime Render Facade Restoration

Location: Middle Park
Building Type: Heritage, residential
Date of Completion: 2021
Budget: $25’000


This Melbourne terraced house, heavily altered by previous renovations, was up for a fresh façade. The project’s goal was to optimise technically
the compatibility between the existing materials and the materials we chose for the

Since the ground floor ingress and façade have recently been renovated and rendered in a modern cement render and painted with an acrylic paint system, we decided to focus our restoration work on the first floor and recoat the ground floor of the façade in acrylic paint. 


For the first floor and parapet, we decided to preserve the various existing renders and use mineral materials without any plastic additives to avoid the same damages reappearing again in a few years. 

For the render repair and skimming, we used three different on-site lime mortar mixes based on NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime) and a variety of graded sands – free of any sealing or bonding agents. We used a mineral paint free from any polymer additives for the coating.